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K&N has a long list of satisfied cable drum customers because every project is completed with precision accuracy and high-level quality control.  Our manufacturing and repair capacity ranges from mid-sized cable hoist drums to large capacity crane drums up to 40′ with an 8′ diameter.  Contact us to discuss your project with a cable drum expert.


Wire Rope Hoist Drum

The Dalles Dam

Project Description: The Dalles Dam project required the design, fabrication, and manufacturing of a 26 foot grooved drum for a 100 ton intake gantry crane located in Dalles, OR.

Rope Size: 1”
Drum Size: 4’10” x 26’11”

Custom Wire Rope Hoist Drum

Grand Coulee Dam

Project Description: Designed and manufactured 25 ton auxiliary hoist drum for a 275 ton bridge crane at Grand Coulee, WA.

Rope Size: .750”
Drum Size: 2’4” x 14’3”

Pre-grooved wire rope hoist drum

John Day Dam

Project Description: Designed and manufactured one 16foot main hoist drum for a 375 ton bridge crane near Rufus, OR

Rope Size: 1.375”
Drum Size: 5’2” x 16’5”