New Drums

Expert engineering
consultants and
accurate project
3-D drum renderings
and comprehensive
finite element analysis
High-quality drum
repair, fabrication
and precision
machining experience
Extensive quality control
standards, inspection
and field testing

Planning Your Cable Drum

Our dedicated team will work with you through planning and estimating to provide the most efficient and cost effective solution available for your specific needs.

Your success is important and K&N understands that every project must be delivered on time and within budget. Knowing how to solve a problem within these parameters is critical. When you bring your cable drum project to K&N, you can relax with confidence as our team begins to plan the design, fabrication, testing, and installation of your customized cable drum. Whether you require a drum for new construction, or you are looking for a new drum that meets the specifications of an existing hoist, our planners will ensure it is delivered on schedule and within budget.

Engineering Your Drum

Utilizing the most advanced design and engineering tools available.

Leveraging the most advanced computer software available, our expert designers and engineers will provide 3-D renderings of your customized drums. With the added capability to provide comprehensive finite element analysis (FEA), our engineering team can apply real world simulations that accurately identify load, stress and deflection points before starting the fabrication and machining process.

Fabrication & Machining

Our high capacity hoist drum manufacturing capabilities set us apart from nearly every other drum manufacturing source in North America.

K&N is honored to be considered the “most preferred custom drum manufacturer” by many of our satisfied customers; this includes government agencies that require strict adherence to the highest operational and quality standards in the industry. We attribute our success to our highly trained team of fabricators and machinists, many with more than 20 years of professional manufacturing experience.

Quality Control

“To us, quality assurance is a process, not an event.”

Each stage of the design and manufacturing process requires constant quality management and process control. We believe a quality product is a safe product; that is why we are dedicated to using step-to-step monitoring protocols to ensure every custom hoist drum is free of defects and safe for long-term operation.

K&N is committed to Total Quality Management and we are constantly working to improve our processes. Even our best quality control practices are regularly evaluated with changes made as needed to increase safety, accuracy and efficiency. This continual improvement philosophy is what guarantees your cable drum will meet or exceed the highest industrial manufacturing standards.

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